Here’s what you can expect from the new Star Wars movie

The new Star Wars movie finally arrives this week and you can be sure that there will be far too many articles written about the film.

One good example of that is this article I am presenting to you here.

The reviews from people who have actually seen the movie are embargoed until Tuesday, but I can already give you a fairly solid prediction and let you know if you should see it.

First of all, nearly all of the early reactions from critics are extremely positive.

I should add that the idea that social media reactions are allowed before the movie reviews always seems kind of stupid to me.

If the critics are saying on social media that the movie is a triumph, a disaster or an thrill-packed emotional roller coaster that will make you consider your own humanity, isn’t that a review right there? It’s a short review, but still a review.

In this strange world we live in, the social media blurbs have become trailers for the actual movie reviews. The whole things seems pretty ridiculous, but I always end up reading them, so maybe it’s not so dumb.

Since the social media blurbs are fairly positive, I am predicting that most of the reviews will be positive and it will get a score of 92 percent or higher on Rotten Tomatoes. That doesn’t mean it is the movie of the year, it just means that most critics liked it, which is a safe bet.

I can also tell you that a few critics will say that the movie does not develop certain characters enough, some will point out that it is rehashing old plot lines, and others will say that the colors are too orange or something strange like that.

Hopefully someone will point out the problem with the name “Star Wars,” in that the stars have not actually been at war in any of the previous films. Sure, one side had a “Death Star” in a few previous films, but that could hardly be called a star anyway. It was more like a Death Asteroid if anything.

After the movie is out, you will see and hear from Star Wars fans who will provide the following online comments to help you decide if you should see it or not:

  • It is the best Star Wars movie ever.
  • It is just below Empire and whatever the name of the Star Wars movie was that came out last year.
  • It is the worst Star Wars movie ever.
  • They have ruined George Lucas’ magic.
  • It’s better than anything George Lucas ever could have imagined.
  • It’s like if George Lucas and Nora Ephron had a child, and that child directed a Shakespeare film set in outer space.
  • They should make a Battlestar Gallactica movie next.

So what can we take from this and what should you do? Well, if you liked any of the earlier Star Wars movies, you should see this one. You know you’re curious about the older characters, so just check it out. Live a little! You know you want to see what happens to Luke, Leia and the rest.

If you hate crowds, you should wait until Sunday afternoon or next Tuesday to see the film.

If you don’t care that much about The Force, you should skip it and see Wonder, Coco or one of the other great movies out right now. The theaters are currently filled with several outstanding films that people of all ages will enjoy, so go see one of the less popular movies and consider yourself smart and lucky to be there.

Or if you really want a fun night, just get yourself a date, some buttery popcorn and enjoy the magic of reading old posts on That way, when the movie(s) come out in a few years, you will be able to say you were reading it way back when, kind of like the Star Wars fans now talk about seeing the original back in the 1970s.

May my blog be with you.


3 thoughts on “Here’s what you can expect from the new Star Wars movie

  1. Fun, Fool-Proof Idea:
    Step 1: Double your bullet points of expected reactions
    Step 2: Widely publish on BuzzFeed, CNN, or other such far reaching interwebs
    Step 3: Profit.

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