The Last Word on The Last Jedi, a movie that hits all of the high notes

When the biggest movie of the year opened in December, we were lucky enough to get tickets for the Thursday night showing.

And while this review is a little late, I should say that we loved seeing the returning characters mixed with the new stars, we were thrilled by the adventure and special effects, and we became emotional several times. I did think there were a few plot holes, but my love for this movie that has become such an integral part of our pop culture and my family made me able to ignore a few of the problems I had with the story.

But enough about Pitch Perfect 3, I did finally see the new Star Wars movie this weekend and wanted to offer up a few thoughts on this super popular but also somewhat divisive movie.

Personally, I thought that The Last Jedi was a great movie that had plenty of twists and turns. I loved watching it and got caught up in all of the different characters and story lines.

For example, much like the earlier Star Wars movies and Pitch Perfect 3, it dealt with some very interesting parental issues.

It kind of makes you wonder if something happened to the parents of the different Star Wars creators, as the parents of the main characters in these movie are often either killed in some terrible death or they are a mystery.

It’s as if the Star Wars creators are little kids who are mad at their parents so they imagine that their real parents are people with special powers who live far away.

Even though I know that the parental issues are big in these movies, I have to admit that I was very surprised by the reveal of the father in Pitch Perfect 3. It was hard to know whether or not to trust him. I won’t reveal much about him here, except that I was stunned to hear him singing.

The new Star Wars movie has very little singing, but much like Pitch Perfect 3, it takes the characters on some crazy missions that are not very well thought out.

Star Wars characters always want to infiltrate the bad guy base, even though the bases are filled with storm troopers who are always on guard against nothing. Seriously, who are they usually watching out for on their own ships or death moons? (I refuse to call them stars.) And even though they have guards everywhere, the Star Wars people always find some way to sneak on, grab a uniform that fits and then find their way quickly to just the right spot, even though they are landing on a huge ship and/or death asteroid.

Now that I think about it, the characters in Pitch Perfect 3 also had to infiltrate the villain’s base of operations and then sneak around. Unlike Star Wars, though, they ended their time on the base not with light sabers, but with light singing. It was magical.

The new Star Wars movies also includes some cool Jedi training things and Jedi books and it introduces some new ideas into the Force, much in the same way that Pitch Perfect 3 offers new singing training and some new ideas for performances for our favorite a cappella singing group.

Finally, the movie helps bring all of the characters together for an ending that is completely satisfying and uplifting. I left the theater with a smile on my face and hope in my heart.

I just love those Pitch Perfect movies!

The Star Wars movie was satisfying in many ways (including with the candy I ate), too, but it does not tie up all of the loose ends like Pitch Perfect 3 does. It answers a few questions but also gets you excited about future movies.

Overall, I like the new Star Wars movie a lot, and I enjoyed the new Pitch Perfect movie, too. Both movies were filled with adventure, romance and laughs, and they were balanced with the right amount of quiet moments where the characters showed true growth. These moments proved to be excellent times for me to get up to go to the bathroom so I wouldn’t miss anything good.

I definitely would see the new Star Wars movie again and would see Pitch Perfect 3 again as well. And if you get the chance to see either one, I hope that go in with an open mind so that you can sit back, relax and just enjoy the power of The Force and a cappella music.

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