The Last Word on The Last Jedi, a movie that hits all of the high notes

When the biggest movie of the year opened in December, we were lucky enough to get tickets for the Thursday night showing.

And while this review is a little late, I should say that we loved seeing the returning characters mixed with the new stars, we were thrilled by the adventure and special effects, and we became emotional several times. I did think there were a few plot holes, but my love for this movie that has become such an integral part of our pop culture and my family made me able to ignore a few of the problems I had with the story.

But enough about Pitch Perfect 3, I did finally see the new Star Wars movie this weekend and wanted to offer up a few thoughts on this super popular but also somewhat divisive movie. Continue reading “The Last Word on The Last Jedi, a movie that hits all of the high notes”

What Pointless Things Do You Lie About?

In life, it is incredibly important to be honest and to be true to yourself.

However, I often find myself lying about movies I haven’t seen, pretending to know how something works, or not letting anyone know my opinions on some pretty mundane topics.

Usually, this is for no good reason except to avoid looking foolish, even though it is certainly more foolish to lie for no good reason. So, in order to clear my conscience, here are the a few things I wouldn’t normally admit. Continue reading “What Pointless Things Do You Lie About?”

Suicide Squad: What DC did wrong, what they should do next

It can’t be this difficult for DC to make a good movie.

Suicide Squad should have been a slam dunk, but instead it was more like a guy dribbling the ball around with nowhere to go and then kicking it out of bounds. Basically, it was somewhat entertaining, but also kind of stupid and annoying.

Here are a few problems I had with the movie, along with a few spoilers and suggestions:

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