A few more questions about items that confuse me

In order to see if I can find some answers to questions that perplex me, I thought I would write down a few of the most recent items I have been wondering about. This is part two of my list.

You can read part one here.

How long am I supposed to keep photographs that people send me in Christmas cards and other items? – It seems rude to throw them away very soon, but I am never sure what the rule is for how long to keep them. At the same time, will they think I am weird for keeping the photos of their family around for too long?

Why do we call them a “washing machine” and a “dryer.” – Why not washing machine and drying machine?

If one of the Happy Days characters had come up with a wacky plan that would have made a few people money but not paid off for most of the people, would it have been called a Fonzie Scheme? – That suggestion is the fault of my friend Tim. Please blame him.

Why do we still have car alarms? – Everyone ignores them. If you hear your car alarm go off, you don’t think, “Oh no, someone is breaking into my car. “ Instead, you think, “Oh no, my stupid horn is going off and waking up my neighbors. How can I get that to turn off?”

My stepdaughter Sophia says that there should be lights on cars that turn on when you honk your horn so that people will know it was you. – I think it’s a great idea, as I often have no idea which car honked and if it was someone waving at me, someone mad at me or someone honking at something completely unrelated.

Why did the creators of the keyboards put the semicolon in the home row at the end? – Shouldn’t that spot have been reserved for something you use more than a semicolon? Were semicolons more popular back then; did people have trouble completing their thoughts? Did the semicolons have a good lobbying organization that was able to get them into this prime real estate?

How many people know how to use the function keys on keyboards? Are these just for super smart people? I’m afraid to use most of them; I am also usually afraid to use semicolons.

Why can’t life have an “undo” button like a computer – I love the undo tab.

Wouldn’t the phrase “turn around” be more accurate if you said “Turn halfway around”? – Turning around just leaves you facing the same direction you started.

Why did I start writing this? – And how did you make it to the end? Are you happy to be at the end or is it just upsetting? Were you hoping this would turn halfway around and improve?

Do you have any answers? How about any questions you want to add to the list? What about doughnuts? Do you have at least have any of those? Feel free to comment below. Thanks!

15 thoughts on “A few more questions about items that confuse me

  1. Not only is a semicolon placed oddly, it is only named after half of it.
    : is a colon
    , is a comma
    ; is a half of a colon so the semi bit is right. But it’s above a comma. So it’s a semi colon comma. Or a comma under semi colon.

    Things are so hard for people of logic like you and me.

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    1. Thanks and I agree completely. It’s more of a semicomma than a semicolon anyway. Maybe it should be called a Comolon. With our high level of logic, we have a lot of things for us to ponder.

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  2. Or why not call them a washer and a dryer?

    I don’t believe people would think you are weird for keeping photos they send you by their own free (and completely unnecessary) will. But I do believe they’d think you are weird if they came to your house and discovered these photos on the walls of a special locked room.

    Good point about turn around!

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