Friendly grocery store clerks can make your whole day

It’s funny the impact that someone can make on your life, often without even knowing it.

The grocery store is a great example of this because it’s a place where you are constantly interacting with people you don’t know while you are simultaneously avoiding people you do know because you look terrible (at least that seems to happen to me a lot). Continue reading “Friendly grocery store clerks can make your whole day”

President Obama has been wiretapping my phone, too!

While I usually try to say out of politics, I feel I must announce that President Obama has obviously wiretapped my phone, too.

Believe me, I’m as shocked as you are, but the evidence is easily the greatest evidence in the history of the world and it all points directly at the former President.

Why would he do this? What evil plot is he involved with here? Continue reading “President Obama has been wiretapping my phone, too!”