Top Five Pieces of Silverware

One thing that separates people from animals is silverware. People all across the world use all types of eating utensils, but our staff has now compiled the Top Five Pieces Of Silverware so that you will know which items you should have in your homes.

Before we get to the Top Five, though, we need to disclose that while chopsticks are excellent items to use to eat food and they are very popular, I just can’t figure out how to use them. Also, in my experience, they are not usually “silver” which automatically excludes them from this category. When the Top Five Pieces of Woodware list is compiled, you can be sure that chopsticks will be interviewed and considered.

5. Salad Fork – The salad fork is a fine piece of dinnerware. I honestly am not sure if it is different from a dessert fork or not, but it does a pretty good job. It makes it into the Top Five by virtue of being one of the first pieces of silverware that you may use at a meal. It can’t go any higher than Five, though, because it’s just too small. Why not just use a regular fork when eating a salad? I don’t get why it has to be smaller. I mean, I’m glad it’s there, but I really could use the same fork for the salad and the main meal.

4. Knife – The knife is a key part in the meal. If this list were based more on preparing a meal rather than eating the meal, the knife would likely move up in importance. Because I hate cooking and know next to nothing about it, though, this list is based more on the actual eating. When you are eating, the knife is great for cutting food, which gets it to the Four spot. It can’t go any higher, though, because the fork can often do the cutting for the knife. Also, you can’t use a knife by itself. It is only a complementary piece of silverware as you need to use a fork at the same time, unless you are doing something like spreading butter. If you’re doing that, you have to use your hand to hold the bread anyway. Until a knife can stand up on its own, it can’t go any higher than Four.

3. Fork – The fork is a great utensil. Whoever invented the fork (Ralph Fork perhaps?) should definitely be commended. It’s got some fancy prongs, it is easy to handle and you can make giant-sized versions to use in your gardens. People even look for forks in the road when trying to decide where to go. I am a big fan of the fork, some might even call me a fork fan. It’s not perfect, as food tends to slip off of it at times, but it is easily in the Top Three.

2. Spork – The spork gets a bad rap just because it is ugly and somewhat tacky. I do recognize that it is often “plasticware” but I am confident there are silverware forks, too. I am sure they care, because the spork rocks! It’s a spoon and a fork together! How perfect is that! Frankly, I am not sure why they are not more popular.  I think that the spoon industry and the fork industry got together to run a smear campaign on the spork. You can pick things up with it, you can scoop things up with it and it’s fun to just say “spork.” The only reasons that it has not climbed up to the Top Spot yet is the fact that, yes, it is ugly and a little tacky, and for fork use it’s really not as effective as a true fork. I still love it, though, which makes it a strong No. 2. I am also anxiously awaiting the inventions of the Knork and the Dessert Spife.

1. Spoon – Ah, the spoon. It’s really the perfect eating item. You can eat soup, cereal, corn, green beans and lots of foods that you just can’t eat with a fork. In a pinch, you can also use it to eat beef, chicken and anything else. If you have bread, you can use the spoon to scoop out jelly and spread it onto your bread. It’s the best choice for beef and gravy. It’s also the best choice for ice creams and other desserts. Don’t tell me you can’t eat cake or pie with a spoon, because you definitely can. And when you are tired from eating all of that food, you can go to sleep and spoon with your spouse. It’s the perfect utensil, it became the catchphrase for one of my favorite comic book heroes, The Tick (“Spoooonnnn!) and it is always great at dinner. I love the spoon.

Do you have a different Top Piece of Silverware? I can’t imagine that I would ever be wrong, but if you have a different opinion, please share it below. Thanks.

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