Top Five Recurring Dreams

Like many of you, I enjoy sleeping.

I do not, however, enjoy these recurring dreams that continue to interrupt my much more fun dreams like dunking a basketball and owning a llama farm.

Both of those are real, by the way. One is awesome, the other, quite confusing.

Our experts know that many other people also have recurring dreams, so we thought it would be best to rank them in order to help you better organize your sleep schedule.

Here then, is the Top Five Recurring Dreams.

5.Falling Down – These dreams are terrible for several reasons, but mainly because they often wake me up and confuse me. In one instance, I am walking along in my dream, minding my business (possibly taking care of llamas) and I suddenly slip on something like llama poop. I start to fall down, but then I brace myself for the landing. When I brace myself, though, I move my arms for real, hit the bed and then wake up extremely confused. First, I don’t know if I fell or not, second I am not sure where I am, and third, I don’t know where the llamas went. I hate waking up like that. If these dreams cause injuries, they can move up in the rankings, but for now they are just extremely annoying so they will remain at No. 5.

4. Climbing – I have been having this dream a lot lately. I will be with a group of people, but in order to get into my house or my office, I have to climb up this steep ladder that is going backwards, and then I have to take a huge step onto something. I am always thinking “Why am I going up here? What if I fall? How did everyone else do this so easily?” This is really a poor design. Why would anyone build something like this?” It is pretty scary. I always wake up during this dream, though, which is a wonderful relief until I realize I have sleep-climbed up onto the dresser again and am hanging from the ceiling fan.

3. Why didn’t I go to class all semester? I have a test today! – I have not been in class for like 25 years, but I still have dreams where I have skipped a bunch of classes, I am not even sure where my classroom is and I have a test coming up. All of these thoughts race through my head like, “How am I going to study? What do I study? Will my teacher hate me? Why am I in school? Why didn’t I just raise llamas?” It’s really very stressful.
I realize this is a popular dream, as I have seen others post about it on Facebook.

It can’t be No. 1, though, because halfway through the dream I begin to feel a little more comfortable about being in college again and think, “Well, so what if I haven’t been to class. I used to sleep in class and then wake up and answer questions (I honestly did that one day, it was the highlight of my college career). And I don’t care if I fail this class. I’ll just go back home and watch more ‘Price is Right.'” The popular television game show, by the way, was a popular reason for skipping class for me and my housemates back in college, along with playing living room volleyball and not wanting to get caught in our ongoing game of tag .
So really, while the No. 3 dream is scary at first, it can end up just making me feel relaxed and young so it can’t go any higher. And if your guess was higher than 3, then I’m sorry but you are eliminated from our Showcase Showdown for going over.

2. I am out in public and have to pee – Okay, maybe this one is just because I am old, but I often have dreams where I have to go to the bathroom. I should be happy I am not wetting the bed and ending the dream right there, but here is what keeps happening in the dream:

I go into a restroom and pee. I immediately have to go again. Then, I go to urinate again and make a mess everywhere. Sometimes it’s because I just decide to go in the corner of a room. “Why did I just pee here?” I then think to myself. “I have to go again. I’ll just pee in this trash can. Maybe no one will know! Why did I do that? Why didn’t I just go in a toilet? I hope no one sees what I did. Hey, I have to go again. I’ll just pee in this corner of this room this time. Why did I do that?” It continues on and on until I finally wake up and go pee in the corner of the bedroom.

1. Why didn’t I wear pants? – This was a tough decision for our voters, but this dream achieved its dream and rose to No. 1 because it is so frustrating and humiliating. In the dream, I will be walking around, and suddenly realize, whoops, I forgot to wear pants again. Or, for some stupid reason, I consciously make the decision in my dream not to wear pants. I often have on just a shirt or underwear, and I will try to hide behind things or try to just play it off like it’s normal to not wear pants.

“Pants are so last year. I thought I would show off my extremely pale legs except for that tan spot on my shins. Doesn’t everyone do this?” Of course, no one is doing this in the dream and I look ridiculous so I run around trying to get back home while looking for stray pants. It is terribly embarrassing and I am always so mad at myself for not wearing pants.

My teenage stepdaughter/psychiatrist said this dream means that I am just nervous about something at work or in life or I am having anxiety about things. I think she has a point, but if that is the case, I am not sure why I don’t have that dream every night. I am constantly anxious. Also, if she is worried about me being anxious, how does she expect me to feel when she starts driving soon!?! I might be so nervous I don’t wear pants in any dreams, or sometimes in real life.

Life is just to stressful for most of us, and that’s why so many of us have these recurring dreams. It would probably be much better for all of us if we just raised llamas.

We will award the No. 1 prize to our winner tonight when I am asleep, unless I drink too much water or pop before I go to bed, then it will have to wait for another night.

Any thoughts on our ranking, or any other recurring dreams you’d like to share? Feel free to comment below. Thanks.


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