If you give a Nick a dripping sink…

The true story of a day spent working on a bathroom sink, as told in the style of the great book, “If You Give A Mouse A Cookie.”

If you give a Nick a dripping bathroom sink, he’ll ignore it for a while hoping that the drip will just go away.

When the drip doesn’t go away, he will eventually go the sink and take a few things apart to try to figure out what’s wrong.

When he takes the sink apart, he won’t be able to figure out what’s wrong, so he’ll put it back together.

When he puts it back together, it will still drip, but now the water will leak out of the water line.

When water leaks out of the water line, he’ll wish he had never started this, but he’ll shut off the water to the house again and tell his wife he needs to go out and buy a new washer for the connection.

When he tells his wife he needs to get a new washer, she’ll want to help him so she’ll go with him to the home improvement store to get a new washer.

When they get to the home improvement store (it’s a pretty nice little weekend), the happy couple will see all of the shiny, new faucets and decide they should get one of those for the sink.

When they buy a new faucet, they’ll also see the beautiful new sinks and decide they need a new sink, too.

When they buy a new sink, they’ll see the cool new sink stands that are on sale, so they also need to buy that, too.

When they get home, they’ll realize what a pain it is to take the old sink off of the wall.

When they take the old sink off of the wall, they’ll understand that the new sink stand may have been on sale because it is so narrow.

When they try to connect the pipes and water lines behind the narrow sink stand, they will find out that it takes a great deal of work and one of the water lines will still stick out no matter what they do.

When they do all of this work in the tiny bathroom, it will be about 120 degrees in the room.

When it is 120 degrees in the room, they will want to drink some water, but the water will be shut off.

When they are hot and thirsty and are working on this stupid sink that they now hate, they will tend to get a little frustrated.

When they are hot, thirsty and frustrated, they will also have to lie down on the floor at odd angles to try to reach into the narrow opening behind that stupid new sink.

When they lie down on the floor at odd angles, Nick’s wife’s back will ache.

When Nick and his wife are hot, tired, thirsty, sore and frustrated from working all day in this torture chamber of a bathroom, they will wonder either why Nick decided to do this today or why Nick’s wife wanted him to do this today.

When Nick’s wife has had enough of working on the sink from Hell, she will go to bed and ask Nick’s stepdaughter to help.

When Nick’s stepdaughter comes in to help, she will have tiny hands and will be a huge help reaching behind the narrow openings.

When she is helping, the hero girl will notice that one of the top valves doesn’t seem to close all of the way.

When she points this out, Nick will ignore it thinking he knows better because tightening it will magically fix everything.

When Nick keeps on working, he and his stepdaughter will finally get the rest of the sink all together.

When the rest of the sink is together, Nick’s stepdaughter will be allowed to go eat and do her homework.

When Nick’s stepdaughter goes to do her schoolwork she should have done much earlier, Nick will turn on the water just to see that the sink is still leaking in the drain at the exact place his stepdaughter warned him about.

When Nick sees that his stepdaughter was right and he was wrong, he will curse and wonders how he is going to explain this so it makes it looks like he was right all along.

When Nick is thinking about all of that, he will get tired and realize that the afternoon has turned into night and that it is now somehow 10 p.m.

When Nick thinks about how hot and tired he is, he will ask the kids just not to use that sink that night and he will go to bed.

When Nick gets home from work the next day, he will work for several more hours in the bathroom/sauna (while his back now hurts) on the worst sink ever, and then he will finally get it all fixed.

When he gets it all fixed, he will wipe the sweat off of his forehead, wring the sweat out of his shirt and steps back to look at the sink.

When he looks at the sink, he will think it is pretty nice after all, but he will also hope no one uses it very often so it doesn’t leak, get dirty or fall over.

When he is satisfied and happy, he will picks up all of his tools and take them downstairs to put them away.

When puts his tools away, he will walk into the kitchen, grab a glass and get a drink of water.

When he gets a drink of water from the kitchen sink, he will notice that it is now dripping a little bit, too.

When he notices the kitchen sink is dripping, he will throw up a little in his mouth, walk away quickly and pretend that he never saw it.

Any advice, comments or numbers for a good plumber? Feel free to let me know below. Thanks

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