Top Ten Numerical Digits

Number 1 is a fine number, but how does is really stack up against other numerical digits.

Is No. 1 No. 1? Is No. 8 really No. 9?

These are all many questions that most Americans ask themselves every day. In order to help solve this misnumberstanding, our voters have ranked the Top 10 Numerical Digits (or whole numbers between 0-9).

Note: Future rankings may delve into fractions, decimal points, negative numbers and numbers with more than one digit, if our voters can figure them out.

10. 6 – We apologize to all of you fans of this number, but it currently comes in dead last in our Top Ten list. But hey, at least it made the Top Ten! The main problems it faces include that it’s a boring number by itself, it seems evil and it sounds like sex, which can be confusing.

9. 3 – This number also has too many negative connotations to be taken seriously. You don’t want to be a third wheel or third string, you never want to be the third out in an inning, you can’t stay in the key for more than three seconds on offense in basketball and third place is usually just a ribbon or a bronze medal on a very low platform. What’s the Third Amendment? See, no one knows. I’m sorry Three, but you’re just part of the crowd.

8. 9 –  In addition to just being an upside down 6 (did the number designers run out of ideas?) 9 is always trying to fool people. You’re not paying $1,000, you’re only paying $999.99! Gas doesn’t cost $3 a gallon, it’s just $2.99.99. You just can’t trust nine.

7. 2 – It’s a little better than 3, but not too much better. Plus, the word two is too confusing. You want to have two tutus, too? Two is going to have to do a lot better in the future or it won’t make it past Tuesday.

6. 4 – I’ll be honest with you, I wanted 4 to be higher here, but it just is not strong enough. It’s also another confusing word/number, which was a problem for four of our formidable fortunate voters who wanted it to be in the forefront, but were confused when yelling “fore.” My stepdaughter does not like that 4s often look like sideways bolo ties (look it up, you will be shocked!). She also argues that computers type 4s differently than most people draw them, which is another strike against 4.We believe that 4s should not have that triangle top.

5. 8 – This is a number that is somewhat stronger than 4 and with only a few word/number confusions. These confusions lead to classic/terrible jokes about 7 eating 9, or people eating other items , but these attempts at humor don’t really hurt or help 8. I like that if you turn 8 on its side, it looks like infinity and it’s nice that the digit is one line that just keeps on going and going. Figure skaters like to turn Figure 8s, kid racetracks in the shape of an 8 are great fun and have great wrecks, and the number in itself is very reliable. I like that shift 8 on the keyboard is * and our voters think 8 should be proud to be in the Top 5.

4. 7 –  Fittingly, 7 is next to 8 in the Top Ten. 7 is a great number for several reasons. I learned multiplication by 7s in part because of my love of football. If you gave me 4 times any number or 5 times any number, I would have to think for a minute, but if you gave me 4 times 7 that was four touchdowns, 28, simple, and the same with any number times 7. Plus, 7 just has a fun feeling to it. It rhymes with Heaven and seems much more pristine and healthy than that despicable 6 and many other numbers.

3. 1 – Now I know this may shock many people, as No. 1 is often considered the best or the pinnacle of achievement. I like 1 and I know that our voters do as well. It is the Gold Standard and I would give it a Blue Ribbon if I could, but we have to remember that 1 does have a few drawbacks. For one thing, it is the loneliest number. Also, it looks too much like a lowercase l, the number 7 and even an !. In addition, it has the one/won problem. No. 1 should be happy being No. 3.

2.5 – It’s a great number, and nearly climbed all the way to No. 1! 5 makes math easy, it’s the number of people you have on the floor for a team for basketball, it’s the number of fingers on most people’s hands (sorry Great Uncle Harry) and it’s right in the middle for most things. 5 does have some confusion with the letter S, though, which is a big problem. Plus, people often forget the fifth Beatle, and the fact that guitars have 6 strings and basses have 4 strings also seems to leave 5 behind just a little. If it can solve these issues, 5 may eventually move up to No.1.

1. 0 – Many early polls did not have 0 up this high, but it is a great number. You put a 0 on the end of any digit, you have an even number and it’s a multiple of 10. You multiply any number by 0 and the answer is easy, boom, 0. Or, if you add or subtract by 0, the work is simple. It’s awesome!  One problem that 0 has had over the years is the confusion with the letter O, but top scientists have solved this by drawing a line through a 0. I know that 0 is my hero, and it is No. 1

Note: My stepdaughter pointed out that if you take a number and reflect it against itself, you get some interesting shapes. She likes the 2 and 7 shapes best, as 7 and backwards 7 makes “a rad triangle” and 2 and backwards 2 makes a sideways fish. You will want to write them all down to try them. Any thoughts on the reflecting numbers or the rankings? Please fee free to comment below. Thanks!



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