Top Five Reasons to See The Baywatch Movie Even Though It’s Not Very Good

While the “critics” and “most people” don’t like the new Baywatch movie only because it’s not very good, there are still plenty of reasons for you to go see this film this week.

Here are the Top Five Reasons to See The Baywatch Movie Even Though It’s Not Very Good

First here are a few honorable mentions

It stars Dwayne Johnson, aka, The Rock – The point of the movie doesn’t really matter as long as it has The Rock in it! Everyone loves The Rock! He drives fast cars, makes Disney characters tough and even beat up an earthquake in a movie a few years ago! If you don’t want him to lay the smack down on you, I’d suggest you and the millions and millions of the fans of the people’s movie champion get down to the theater in order to see what The Rock is cooking!

People loved the old Baywatch TV show – Did you know that old show ran for more than a decade and spawned a spin-off, specials and books? I don’t understand it either. Baywatch books! Do they have a whole extended universe of books like with Star Wars? One of the special two-hour episodes involves the Baywatch lifeguards in Alaska for some reason. Think about that for a minute. People loved it all, though. It’s crazy. Why was it so popular? What made people watch this? Perhaps you need to see the movie in order to try to find out. (Spoiler alert, after watching this movie you likely will still not know why.)

5. Maybe it will be recognized as a classic in 20 years – Much like how films such as “This Wizard of Oz,” “It’s A Wonderful Life,” and “Tango and Cash,” were scoffed at when they were first released but then became beloved hits (except for “Tango and Cash,”) perhaps Baywatch will overcome the odds and become a classic, too! Even the original Baywatch television series was considered a failure, as it was cancelled after one season before David Hasselhoff saved it and took it to syndication where it became a television powerhouse. David Hasselhoff saves everything!

4.The movie theater has nice air conditioning – It’s summer and it’s hot outside, but you can go sit in the theater for two hours and get cool! You can eat popcorn, too! Plus, while watching the Baywatch movie, it will seem more like you are there much longer than two hours, so that’s even better!

3. The movie has some good points – I liked how the movie made fun of itself, and to be fair, it did have some entertaining moments. The guy behind us loved it for some reason. Also, you get see lots of characters swimming, jumping and smiling. I don’t really understand what they were actually doing most of the time, but it didn’t matter, they seemed to be having a good time.

2. You don’t follow the crowd- Most of your friends may not see Baywatch, but you’re too cool to conform. You will be able to say you did something they didn’t do, even those rich friends of yours who are always telling you about their great trips and amazing meals. Oh yeah, well, you saw Baywatch and they didn’t!

1. It’s nice to not think sometimes – You don’t always need to go to a movie to learn things, and Baywatch will let you turn off your brain for a while. The plot makes no sense, and it hurts your head if you think about it too much. I think the villain was mainly was trying to buy property, but I’m honestly not sure. It’s somewhat like a Scooby Doo mystery without the mystery (and sadly, no Scooby Doo). Also, the whole process for selecting lifeguards was confusing, the characters costume changes were (once again) reminiscent of a Scooby Doo mystery, and I have no idea what the names were for most of the characters. After two days, I can’t recall most of the movie, but the overall message of the story has stayed with me. That message, and it is an important lesson that I hope more people can share, is to always trust The Rock. He’s always right and he is awesome, especially when you are eating popcorn.

Do you have any thoughts on Baywatch or The Rock? Feel free to comment below. Thanks!

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