Top Five Things That Scare A Father When Entering A House

Most parents know that entering the home at the end of the day can be an adventure. Certain things you see or hear can scare you and stop you in your tracks faster than you can say, “Why is my favorite chair sitting outside?”

So, in honor of Father’s Day, here are the Top Five Things That Scare A Father Entering A House:

First a few honorable mentions:

The house is completely quiet – Where is everyone? I hope no one is at the doctor’s office. Am I supposed to be somewhere else? Oh no! Please, please, please don’t let this be a surprise party!

Food and drinks are all around the house, but no one is home – What happened here? What was the emergency that made everyone leave? I don’t see anything broken, but why are all of these cans of soup stacked next to the television and why does the dog look like that? Can I eat these snacks anyway? Now then, where is the remote? Oh no! They didn’t take it with them did they?

No one says anything to you – I don’t expect cheers when I get home, but on the days when no one says anything to you when you get home, even the pets, you start to feel a little nervous. Was there a big argument? Is someone sick? Did I do something wrong but I don’t know what it is yet? May I just go back outside and come back later?

5. “Will you taste this and tell me what you think of it?” is asked of you immediately when you get home – This can also be very scary, especially when a young child poses the question. Is it something spoiled? It is supposed to be something good or something bad? What is the right answer? If you are also asked, “See if you can guess what it is.” you know you are in trouble.

4. Everyone is sitting at the dinner table staring at you – This is bad. What did I forget now? Is it someone’s birthday? Are people over for dinner? How many plates are out? Did we need to eat early because we have some event tonight? Oh no! I wasn’t supposed to pick up horseradish or dessert or something like that was I?

3. “Did you remember to pay the electric bill?” is asked of you immediately when you get home- This needs no explanation here, but a very good explanation when you are the one trying to answer that question.

2. Paper towel rolls are in the living room – Uh oh, what spilled and/or broke? If furniture has been moved or if there are also cloth towels out, you know it was something big. Check for blood and broken glass, and if you don’t see any, keep entering the house and begin your investigation. If you do see glass, blood or Band-Aid wrappers, check your phone to make sure you didn’t miss any messages about traveling to the emergency room. It may be a long night.

1.“Do you have the phone number for the plumber?” is asked of you immediately when you enter the house – Other immediate questions such as “Did you feed the cat something strange?” or “Do you remember when I asked you to…” are also words that can cause much more fear any haunted house in a movie.

Any other items cause you fear when you get home? Feel free to comment below. Thanks!


4 thoughts on “Top Five Things That Scare A Father When Entering A House

  1. Just found this post. My biggest cause of fear upon arriving home is when the dog does not run to greet me. Did she get into something she shouldn’t have and got poisoned, or hurt? Did someone steal my not-so-aggressive “watch dog”? No, she’s usually just lying on the couch and too lazy to get up. What a life!

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