Top 5 Underrated Foods

Due to the fact that there are so many food items, many outstanding foods are underrated and aren’t eaten enough, and are therefore under “ated,” which isn’t really a word.

One word that is a word, though, is “delicious” and it is the perfect word to describe all of these Top 5 Underrated Foods.

First, a few honorable mentions:

Ranch dressing – It makes everything better. Despite its magnificence, though, some people inexplicably don’t like it and it’s really not all that healthy, which keeps it out of the Top 5 for now. Also, while I love ranch dressing, there is always the fear that I will accidentally get fat free ranch dressing, which is only underrated in its awfulness.

Jello – It may be for children, but it is also awesome. Watch it wiggle, see it jiggle, it’s enticing and should be eaten more often. The confusion over spelling the generic jello and the brand name Jell-0, though, keeps it out of the Top 5 for now. Get it together jello!

Carrots – They are not the sexy pick for vegetables, but carrots are delightful when cooked and are even better raw, especially if you dip them in Ranch dressing.

Ginger snaps – I would not think of buying ginger snaps in the store or making ginger cookies, but a family member got us some for Christmas and they were unbelievable. I couldn’t stop eating them. Who knew they were so delicious?

Lucky Charms, Fruit Loops, Fruity Pebbles and other cereals aimed at children – It’s easy to forget how enjoyable these are when you are adult, but they are exquisite. Also, over the last few years, children’s cereals have gotten even sweeter and tastier, thanks to next level types such as Rice Krispies Treats Cereal. If it wouldn’t be for all of those cartoon children and animals constantly trying to steal my cereals, they could climb into the Top 5. For now, though, I have to focus on guarding me Lucky Charms.

5. Pita chips/pretzel chips – These seems boring to buy in the store when you are inundated by so many flashy styles of chips, but you can eat them with anything or you can eat them plain, and they are surprisingly gratifying.

4. Honey – I rarely get excited about honey or think about putting it on many items, but it is heavenly on ice cream, bread and countless other items. I bet it is scrumptious on pita chips and pretzel chips, too.

3. Horseradish – This younger generation just does not seem to grasp the magic of horseradish. I never see any advertisements for it and it is rarely mentioned except in hushed discussions, but it is captivating and flavorsome. Put it on a burger, dip your roast beef in it or use it on all kinds of foods, horseradish will not disappoint you. It has nothing to do with horses or radishes, but it will make a good blog post soon and it is even better on your food right now.

2. Tortilla chips – Our number two underrated food is the tortilla chip. These chips are not packed with flavor, shoved in shiny bags or promoted with Super Bowl commercials, and many restaurants even give them away for free. But tortilla chips are like a great left tackle in football, a talented bass player in a band or the person that allows a knife thrower to throw knives at him or her. The chips are the key to the success of numerous meals and they are perfect with salsa, cheese and plenty of other dips, including ranch dressing and possibly horseradish. They are also great by themselves. You truly can’t eat just one tortilla chip. They don’t get the love they deserve, but our judges say that tortilla chips should be dipped in glory, as they are number two on our list.

1. Malts – For some reason, milkshakes get all the love, but malts are the next step in the evolution of ice cream drinks. It’s like if everyone talked about pancakes, but no one ever mentioned how much better they are with syrup. Syrup is also underrated, but it is too messy to make it into this list. It is great on everything, especially my shirts. Malts are the forgotten drink, but the one that should be enjoyed as much as possible. Our voters say malts are number one on our list and number one in our hearts and straws.

Note: Other family members claim artichokes should be added to the list. I am not a fan, but they argue that they are vastly overlooked.

15 thoughts on “Top 5 Underrated Foods

  1. Interesting fact… apparently honey never ‘goes off’. By which I mean, in American, ‘spoils’. They have found perfectly edible honey in the tombs of Pharaos. (Not surprisingly though, uneaten. Maybe the recipe wasn’t quite down yet.)
    A jar of it never lasts long enough in my house for this to have been tested in any way.

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