Thanks for reading, writing and inspiring

When I started this blog, I often pondered questions like:

  • “What exactly am I trying to accomplish here?”
  • “Will anyone want to read this?”
  • “How do I spell exacerbate?”

Now that I am somehow more than 100 posts in and am lucky enough to have a few followers, I’m still not sure about most of my questions, but I’m having a lot of fun and wanted to thank everyone who has taken a few moments to read the blog.

It means a lot to me and it helps me in my campaign to eliminate the letter “J” from the English alphabet. Honestly, though, thanks for checking out the blog and helping me to keep writing. I am still trying to figure out exactly where I am going with the blog, but I like where I’ve been so far. Thanks to everyone who has offered up comments and advice, too.

I’ve learned lot through this whole experience, while also making plenty of friends, mistakes and new words.

Speaking of that, I would like to nominate “frecollection” as a new word for a collection of freckles on your body. Instead of saying, “That’s a lot of freckles on your shoulder,” you can say, “I like your shoulder frecollection.”

I realize that I write posts that are too long sometimes, and I am still trying to figure that part out, along with also striving to make sentences that are not too rambling and convoluted, even though I am fairly certain that they are perfectly understandable and well-organized, while not being obnoxious run-on sentences that would just exacerbate my other mistakes. Like sentence fragments.

I am also learning a great deal from the posts I read from so many talented writers on their blogs. I honestly did not know this would be such a benefit from blogging, but I love reading the thoughtful, funny, emotional, poetic and insightful posts from so many writers. The posts make me laugh, give me a lot to think about and make me insanely jealous about why I didn’t think of your ideas first.

You other writers also inspire me to do better, and I’ve enjoyed sharing comments and ideas with several of you. I am discovering new blogs all of the time, and am constantly impressed with the creative posts from so many people around the globe.

I am also proud to see so many people put their ideas, their lives and really their hearts and emotions out for the whole world to read. It takes a lot of bravery to do that, and a lot of talent and hard work to do it so well.

So thanks for all that you are doing, thanks for reading my blog and thanks for using the word frecollection whenever possible.


20 thoughts on “Thanks for reading, writing and inspiring

  1. I follow because I love your humour, similar to mine (prime example, long sentences erm… sentence above and word invention). I’m only about 30 posts in so at least 70 tortuous reaches for the publish button for me before I have to consider my ‘thanks for reading” post

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      1. Sorry again, just read a post on ‘Blogiquette’ and apparently it’s a bit rude to drop links into comments like I just did above. Still loads to learn apparently. 🙂

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  2. Greetings to you Nick. Not sure how I ended up reading your entertaining blog, since I am so new at social media that navigating the sites is a blur for me, but up you sprang, and I’m elated that you did. (Should I be chastised for running on here?) I just published my first “real” book and was informed that I overuse my commas. Almost done with the revised edition. I couldn’t part with my Oxford commas, but the rest had to go.
    Hoping that one day soon your words will spew forth again in my inbox, and I will be inspired anew. I just checked, and apparently we are communicating on s mutual WordPress line. So does this mean that I could start a blog here?
    I have four posts on a blog on my website, but my cousin is the only person who has read it. So. whether I find you again, or not: Keep them coming. Someone will benefit freckliciously, I have no doubt!
    Thanks again. Atwood Cutting

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    1. Thanks, and congratulations on your book. That sounds great. You should definitely start a WordPress blog, too. I will look for it. Thanks again for reading and commenting, and for using “freckliciously.”


  3. Your writing is very entertaining. It seems to just flow naturally across the screen as I read it. I am Inspired by your motivation to continue blogging. Sometimes, I find I run out of things to say. Or, like you, I worry that my posts are too long. Is there a max of words? Who knows? Just keep writing and I’ll keep reading.

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