A week away from blogging

Ok, so I was was too busy at work last week and never had the opportunity to put together a good post.

“Now Nick, when do you ever put together a good post?” you may be saying to yourself.

I would agree, but would add that I didn’t even have time to write a post that I liked very much. I ended up working late every day and then traveling on the weekend, so here I am getting some posts ready tonight.

By not posting for a week, though, I realized a few things about blogging that I thought I would share here.

First of all, I hadn’t realized how much time I spend looking at other blogs, enjoying the content and wishing I had thought of those ideas, until I didn’t have time to read many posts.

I often found myself sitting in meetings wondering about how several bloggers’ projects are progressing, wanting to read about the meanings of different words and songs, and wishing I was reading about different topics instead of trying to figure out what others were talking about in meetings.

What were you saying about the importance of synergies and next-best practices? I was thinking about how to rank the Top 5 Chairs.

I also realized how much I was missing writing. My posts are not brain surgery, I wish they were that simple, but I enjoy the process of putting together these intricate essays. I thought of plenty of good ideas while not paying attention to the meetings I was in, but never had the opportunity to write down my ideas and see if they turned into a whole column.

I also missed the opportunity to interact with other bloggers through commenting on their posts and by having them comment on mine.

Basically, I realized that I was missing a lot, but I was also answering a question that I had been pondering.

Recliner chair or office chair? How about a nice lawn chair? No, not that question.

Often when I am writing, I wonder, “What exactly is the point here?”

You probably think the same thing when reading my posts, but what I mean is that I often question the overall goal of the blog. I spend a great deal of time writing and also obsessing on my blog, but I often wonder why exactly I am doing all of this.

If I’m doing it to get rich, I don’t think he even reads this blog, so he’s not going to get it.

If  I’m doing this to make money, I’m not doing very well so far. In fact, I’m probably losing money.

If I’m doing it for fame, I’m certainly not famous, although it has been amazing to be able to get to know other writers on here and to have a few other people read my work.

But a week away from blogging let me know why I’m doing all of this.

I’m blogging just because I like it. It’s fun to write down stories and opinions and then to send them out into the world to see what people think. It’s fun to go through the creative process of putting together a post and then to see if it’s well received or not.

It’s not rocket science, which would be much easier because you would know immediately if what you did was correct. With writing and blogging, you need to write and edit and rewrite and edit and rewrite and so on until you then send your posts out into outer space and then wait to see how they are received. Some reactions come immediately, and some come after months or years.

Some posts can be out of this world, and some crash and burn.

A week off let me know exactly how much I missed writing posts and sending them out into the world,  and how much I want to keep going with all of this. Maybe someday it will lead to fame and fortune, but whether that happens or not, I’m going to keep writing just because I like it.

I hope that all of you enjoy your writing and that you keep posting because it is fun for you. Whether you currently have 1 reader or 1,000,000 it’s pretty cool to put your thoughts out there and to have people read them and (hopefully) enjoy them.

As for me, I don’t know exactly where this blog is going, but I’m hoping to put together a some good posts that a few people will enjoy, and maybe someday, just maybe, that will even include Rich.

22 thoughts on “A week away from blogging

  1. I notice that a number of my ideas come when I am not in a position to be able to blog. I write these ideas down in my notes on the iPhone to come back to later. Even on a piece of paper in a meeting will help, and it will look like you are paying attention! 😉

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  2. Good to read your voice again, Nick! You were missed!

    As for chairs, I wish I had some electric ones, or some with nails sticking out them. Not for me, of course. For some people who made me lose my temper this morning. I’d love to offer them a seat.

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  3. Exactly. We’re on the same wavelength again Nick.
    I’m blogging because I like it, when I found I wasn’t recently and it felt like a chore for some reason, I took a brief break. Thankfully, when I came back I found a small core of kind and understanding people had visited my blog anyway and left supportive comments. Thank you for your support, very glad to be here returning it.

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  4. Right there with you. I just enjoy it. My husband is always asking how people make money blogging and I try to explain, but really it is not the point for me, hey it would be great I am not saying I would turn money down. I have my best thoughts while walking the dog, it used to be on my commute to work, but recently I am listening to books on tape instead. Just keep it up, your blogs are great, funny, refreshing and a pleasure to read.

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  5. I love reading your posts Nick, you have a unique gift and if rich doesn’t see it then it’s his loss 😛
    Please do keep writing. I know what you mean about loving blogging, I love it too even though at this point I have just a handful of followers and probably end up writing only for myself. And my mum of course 🙂

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    1. Thanks, that’s very nice of you to say. Also, you are the most important person you are writing for, so you’re off to a good start. The more you write, too, the more people will find their way to you, maybe even Rich. Thanks

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  6. Would you consider a throne a type of chair? What about a toilet? Toilets and Thrones would certainly be impactful chairs. I’d certainly rather have either over even my favorite lawn chair.

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