Although I thought this through thoroughly, I may have erred writing it ere today

It’s funny how changing one letter can make a huge difference in how a word is pronounced in the English language.  It tends to make the language confusing, but also fun to think about.

Huge, for example, becomes hug when you take away an “e,” but if you add an “h” to hug  you get the name Hugh, which is similar to huge, but still very different. I am sure Hugh is a nice fellow, and you can make this fun sentence using his name:

Hugh’s huge hugs hurt and make me hum and say, “Huh.”

I don’t know if this is interesting to anyone else, but I love looking at changes like that in words. One fun example is the word “eye” and all of the others words and sounds you make by changing just one letter. Here are a few examples and an eye-opening sentence:

  • Eye
  • Eve
  • Ere
  • Ewe
  • Elle
  • Eel
  • Elle exclaimed that she saw a ewe one eve, but her eye had erred, it was an eel she had spied ere nightfall. (Note: I don’t know how she confused those two animals.)

Though is another interesting one, because if you change one letter you end up with all of these very different sounding words and a thoughtful sentence:

  • Though
  • Thought
  • Through
  • Thorough
  • Tough
  • Trough
  • Thou
  • Thou thought troughs are thoroughly tough through and through, though, they are not.

Big is an interesting word that makes new words by changing the vowel:

  • Big
  • Bag
  • Bog
  • Beg
  • Bug
  • I beg you to throw away that bag bogged down with big bugs.

So what can we learn from all of this? That maybe I should have kept this to myself? No, we have learned that the English language is confusing but fun. Also, I spend way too much time just thinking about words. Maybe instead of doing this I should take up a hobby like collecting cards? Or maybe cars? Carp? Caps? Cans? Cats? Cabs? Canes?

16 thoughts on “Although I thought this through thoroughly, I may have erred writing it ere today

  1. I love your train of thought, mine goes on that same track to at times, but then of course, it could be described as a runaway train or one that has derailed and crashed. Alot depends on the time of day and if I really want to screw with someones mind!

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    1. Thanks! I agree about trains of thought going way off of the track, but it’s a lot more fun that way. It does depend on the time of day, too, I totally agree. Thanks again!


  2. At work, someone reading aloud misread dessert as desert, which are not even close to being the same. A desert rarely has dessert, and it would be most unfortunate to have a dessert taste like a desert.

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    1. That’s very funny, and true! Desert dessert are dry and arid, and are often left deserted. I enjoy hearing and reading things like that at my work, too. Thanks


    1. Thanks, and they come at random times. Sometimes at work, sometimes when I can’t sleep, but almost always when I have been drinking. No, just kidding on that last part. They usually come when I am supposed to be focusing on something else at work (unless anyone from work reads this, then it is only when I am on my break).


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