Top Five Days Worse Than Bad Hair Days

Bad Hair Days can be pretty terrible (or so I have heard), and people often complain about them.

But while Bad Hair Days get all of the attention, our judges have determined that there are several other days that are even worse. With that in mind, we present to you the Top Five Days Worse Than Bad Hair Days.

5. Bad Shirt Collar Days – These are the days when your shirt collar keeps sticking out, your tie is continually messed up or you have other collar problems that just destroy your perfect look. You try to look professional, but you know you are having a Bad Shirt Collar Day.

4. Bad Muscle Spasm Days – You know those days when you keep getting twitches in your arms or legs that make your skin jump up and down? It’s impossible to do anything on those days because all you can focus on is that annoying twitch. If you try to talk to me on a Bad Muscle Spasm Day, I most likely won’t remember anything you said.  In fact, I think I will call in sick the next time I have a Bad Muscle Spasm Day.

3. Bad Balance Days – You know those days when you trip on the curb, fall when you get out of your car and then stumble when you are walking down the sidewalk or hallway? Those are Bad Balance Days. I don’t know what causes them, but it’s best to avoid being around others whenever possible on Bad Balance Days.

2. Bad Sock Days – This nearly finished at number one because our judges cannot stand Bad Sock Days. Some days your socks are messed up around your toes, other days they keep sliding down your legs and you constantly need to pull them up, and even other days they get all twisted and that annoying little seam gets pulled into the wrong spot on your foot. Don’t even get me started on going through the day with wet socks. It’s a wonder I survived some of those Bad Sock Days. (Note: Bad Shoelace Days, when your shoes constantly come untied, are also infuriating and nearly made this comprehensive list.)

1. Mondays – Ugg – Mondays are the worst. I hate Mondays.

11 thoughts on “Top Five Days Worse Than Bad Hair Days

  1. Bad body awareness day this is when I am constantly walking into things, hitting my arm, elbow, knee whatever. It is as if my body all of a sudden got bigger or longer. I am then stuck with black and blue marks that I can’t explain or remember.

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