This post about no-words like no-brainer and no-doubter is a no-thinker

I often hear people say that a decision is a no-brainer, meaning it is relatively simple choice.

That’s fine, but by the same logic I think we should say that a decision that requires some thought is a “brainer.”

“I am not sure what type of bread to buy; this sure is a brainer,” one might say, since bread purchasing is a difficult task.

And what about no-doubters, a term often used to describe baseball home runs that will easily clear the fence?

At least one time, I would like to hear an announcer say, “He hit a doubter to left field. I don’t know what’s going to happen!”

I also hear several other “no” words and phrases such as no-look, no-fault, no-account, no bake and no-holds-barred, and I have a few no-nonsense thoughts on these words, along with a few nonsense thoughts.

  • If you think about it, doesn’t no-nonsense just mean sense?
  • I love no bake cookies, but hate the name. If they’re not baked, then they don’t really seem like they should be called cookies. The word cookie even has “cook” in it! If I follow the logic of no bake cookies, then when I have a sandwich (which is often), I should say that I’m having a “no bake sandwich” as long as it’s not grilled cheese or something with baked chicken on it.
  • Along the same lines, if you eat a cold hot dog, maybe it should be a no hot dog.
  • I think we should call someone who is a little irresponsible “a real yes-nonsense guy.”
  • I often hear about no-holds-barred fights or games, but I rarely hear about any holds-barred battles. “These two teams really don’t mind each other! It’s a real holds-barred game out there today!”
  • No-go is another odd term. It refers to a place you can’t go to or it refers to something that is not going to happen. The good thing about no-go, though, is that people also say that something is a go if it is going to happen, although maybe that should be changed to saying it is a yes-go.
  • And what would a no-no-nonsense person be? Someone who won’t put up with people being serious?
  • Also, why don’t we apply the “no” to other words? If you know an answer to a question someone that someone randomly asks you, for example, you can just say, “That’s a no-googler there, I can tell you the answer right now.”
  • A very big meal could be a “no-desserter.”
  • Along the same lines, someone you trust to remain with your group could also be “no-deserter.”
  • Someone who never gets angry could be called a “no mad,” although it would be helpful if that person also moved from place to place, never staying in any spot for too long.
  • Writing a paragraph with a pen or pencil can now be referred to as creating a “no-spellchecker.”
  • If a looker is someone who is very good-looking, what would a no-looker be? Someone who doesn’t look at other people? Or someone who doesn’t want people looking at him or her?
  • If criminals are up to no good, are police officers up to good? Or are they up to no bad?
  • Perhaps this whole idea for this post was no good and writing it was a no-no. Some might say I have no clue and that this is a no-laugher, but to me it’s no big deal and no sweat.

Do you have any thoughts on no- words or phrases, or any other no- words to add to the list? If so, feel free to comment below. Thanks! And if you don’t want to, then I accept your no thanks.

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