Happy Old Year!

While people around the world will be celebrating the new year on January 1, I thought it was important to first celebrate the year that was.

A lot happened in 2019. Some of it was great, some of it was sad, and honestly, some of it smelled funny.

So before begin watching giant balls of light drop in New York City and then rise again for some reason, here are a few thoughts I had on the last year.

I started the year knowing that I would turn 50 at the end of 2019 and I made several resolutions to help me prepare for this milestone. I would keep jogging and try to increase my exercise, while I would also find a way to advance in my career, write more, write better, be a better family member, engage more with my friends and, finally, write shorter sentences.

I jogged a lot during the year and exercised a great deal, but I didn’t really jog more or get into the shape that I had planned. I’m actually pretty happy with the exercise in 2019, though, because it was a good outlet for talking with friends, forgetting about stress from work and just having fun. I jog fairly regularly with the Athens Jogging Club and it keeps me in pretty good shape.

I was able to play rec softball and soccer throughout the year, too. While my softball team was pretty bad, we had a good times and I actually hit pretty well. It was great fun when my son and one of his friends joined the team and I was able to show them the joy and excitement of city softball. Next summer, I hope to show them the joy and excitement of actually winning a game in city softball.

In soccer, my team won plenty of games, but I was honestly pretty bad a lot of the time. I have no idea how people control the ball so well with their feet, or how they run without tripping. I am good at falling, though, and am constantly amazed at how fun soccer is.

I started playing in a weekly basketball game, too, which was awesome. Every time I start walking on the court during a game, I think to myself, “The whole reason you are here is for exercise Nick! Get moving down the court! And quit shooting so much. Wait! Here comes the ball. Shoot it! Rats! There goes the other team with the rebound. Oh well, someone else will get back and stop them. Oh yeah, exercise! Here I running once more! Am I talking out loud again? Oh no, I was just supposed to be thinking this! Is this a dream? No, I missed another shot. And I remembered to wear shorts, so it’s definitely not a dream.”

Anyway, with exercise, I did fairly well, but I still want to get into much better shape in 2020.

I did also take the initiative to apply for a new job that looked interesting, and somehow I got the job in 2019. I love the position and the people I work with, and I am so thankful for the push I received to apply for the job in the first place. It’s a busy job with plenty of work, and I just want to get better at it in the next year. I often think to myself about how lucky I am to have this job. “Are we sure this wasn’t a mistake that they hired me? Maybe they meant to hire someone else, but called me by accident. Either way, it’s a good job to have. Am I talking out loud again? I need to figure out how to stop doing this.”

The new job has been very busy, and I got way behind on the writing I wanted to do in 2019, so I failed pretty miserably at that resolution. I do write a lot at work, but I fell way behind on my blog and on other ideas I had for the last year. I am hoping to write more in 2020, but I am just going to do my best with the time I have.

Speaking of doing my best, I feel like I did some good writing in 2019, but want to keep improving in 2020. A big part of that involves making time for writing and editing, and also making time to do more reading. As you can tell from this post, though, I definitely need to write better in 2020.

As a family member, I find that being a husband, parent, brother, son, and even pet owner always brings new joys and challenges, and I did not do as well with this as I had hoped in 2019. I always want to do better than I did the day before, and need to be better in 2020. Our cat definitely agrees with this. “Why doesn’t he feed me more? Why are some doors in the house shut? Pet me! Stop petting me! Pet me! Why won’t he leave the back door open for me longer than he does? It takes a long time to decide if I want to go outside or not! Is he now typing out my thoughts? What kind of monster is he? How did he develop this technology?”

I’m terrible at keeping up with friends and making plans, and I failed miserably at this resolution in the last year, as well. I hope to do better in 2020, but also want to just stay home and watch sports, read or write.

As for shorter sentences, how about this? Or this?

Overall, I had a pretty good year in 2019. I fell short of lots of goals, but I have a lot to work toward now in 2020, which can be a good thing.

I don’t know what your year was like in 2019, but I hope you made some good memories and that you are enjoying your life today.  I hope that when you look back on your year, you realize no matter who you are or where you are, the fact that you are here today means that you have accomplished a great deal.

I hope you think to yourself, “I can do whatever I want in the next year! I can be a better person, writer, family member, basketball player or whatever I want. I’ve just got to remember to keep taking my shots at life. It’s ok to miss sometimes and it’s ok if I need to rest sometimes, too. The important thing is that I am here today and that I am going to do the best that I can.”

Thanks again for stopping by and reading through my thoughts here on the blog today. And thanks for reading any other posts throughout the year, and for sharing your thoughts on your blogs or in the comments below (hint, hint).

I hope you had an Awesome Old Year and that each Happy New Day brings you new opportunities and smiles.

15 thoughts on “Happy Old Year!

    1. Thanks, Happy Old Year and Happier New Year to you, too! I am expecting your writing to just become more and more popular this year. You are such a thoughtful and great writer. I am hoping for a big year for you!

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  1. Smiling at you. That forty-six word sentence was hard. Do you know that it requires at least a sixth grade reading level to read a forty-six word sentence? Maybe I’m wrong. Check it out. Am I right? Am I wrong? I like short sentences. Do you notice? Short sentences are not hard, but they are boring. 😀 Have a fabulous new year full of victories.

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  2. Wow, you’re harsh on yourself.
    It sounds to me like you worked very hard on many things in 2019 and that you achieved a great deal by doing so.
    I hope you will have just as much energy in the new year. Have a brilliant 2020!!

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  3. Happy New Day! I LOVE THIS. SO MUCH. Why do we only make a Big Deal (in caps) about a new year? Why can’t we make a Big Deal about each new day? Without the days, we would not get to have a year.

    Epiphany. Mind blown. All thanks to Nick! And ON Epiphany. MIND BLOWN, AGAIN.

    Disclaimer: I just got back to work from 16 days away. I have not been away from work for this length of time since . . . ever. It’s possible my brain has been understimulated and I’m making a bigger deal out of this than it deserves. I’ll let you know some other Day.

    In any event, HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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    1. Thanks! And Happy New Day to you, too! I hope you enjoyed your time away from work I’d say that you were probably making a smaller deal of my column than it deserves. Be sure to let me know another day. Have a great 2020! T


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