I’m in a bad mood

I’m in a bad mood.

Don’t ask my why, as I don’t really feel like talking right now.

Oh, so you’re just going to sit there and keep reading anyway, huh. That’s ok, I can make small talk or even mid-sized talk if the situation presents itself.

How about this weather? It’s cold and rainy and blah. If it were warmer, I would be outside doing something fun. If it were colder, it would at least be snowing and it would look pretty outside.

Instead, it’s just miserable and stupid outside.

Am I bored? No, I’m not really bored. I have lots of things I need to do, but all of them are pointless. I have big plans for 2020, but I’m still trying to figure out if any of them are realistic or worthwhile. What would it be like to be rich and famous anyway? Maybe I’m happier getting by,  being unknown and lounging on the sofa.

I don’t like calling the year “twenty-twenty” by the way. I prefer “two thousand twenty,” but I’m not sure if it should instead be “two-thousand and twenty.” I researched this briefly to try to figure out if the “and” should be in there or not, but I can’t find a good answer, which is just frustrating me.

Does anyone know? Does anyone else care?

I would ask some of my friends and family members about this, but I don’t really feel like talking right now. Why don’t they leave me alone except for when I want them to pay attention to me? And why do they pay too much attention to me sometimes?

I’d explain all of the reasons about why I am in a bad mood to some of them, but I’m worried if I talk about it I will realize that all of my reasons are stupid and then I will just feel worse.

Speaking of feeling worse, all of my professional sports teams have been terrible this past year, and that has not helped my mood at all.

Can you believe my terrible luck? I know. It’s like there is a dark cloud over me, and it’s just making me feel clammy and cold, with poor visibility.

I also became frustrated yesterday when I couldn’t figure out how to fix something in the house. It was pretty insignificant, but I don’t like it if I start to do something and then can’t complete the task. It makes me feel like I am a Detroit Lion, which is a bad feeling lately.

Did I tell you that I can’t watch television now because there’s too much to watch. With all of the options, I spend more time trying to decide on a show then I ever spent watching a show in the past. It does not help my mood at all.

You know what else makes me mad? Honey! Why is it so messy and sticky? I love it and enjoy it on bread, but the jar always gets all sticky and then it gets the cabinet sticky, too. Stupid honey!

You know what else I can’t stand? I hate it how so many online articles refer to singular organizations in the plural tense. Why is that? They constantly refer to movie studios such as Marvel as a plural, as in they say “Marvel are releasing more movies,” or they do the same with sports teams or other singular organizations. Did I miss a change somewhere? Why do I see this constantly?

I also dislike the phrase “an historic” that I see or hear way too often. If you are pronouncing “historic” without an “h,” then I agree with it. If you pronounce the “h,” though, I argue that it should be “a historic.”

You know what else is frustrating? Printers! (Is that what you were going to guess?) Why do they run out of ink so often? Why is ink so expensive? Pens don’t cost that much and they write for a long time! One time, and I promise you this is true, I went to buy ink at the store, and ended up buying a new printer  because it was cheaper than the ink cartridge I originally wanted to buy. And why does my printer do the “test printings” so often when I don’t want it to? Those just waste ink!

And if we have printers that put ink on paper, why can’t we have toasters that put jelly, butter and honey on the toasted bread (from a condiment cartridge) so that the honey doesn’t get everywhere? I know plenty of people must share my frustration that I can’t buy this in the store!

I’d go on and on, but perhaps my biggest issue is the one that has been staring me in my face for the last few days. I told myself I would be more productive this year and that I would write more columns, but I have not been able to think of anything to write about. I can remember past weeks when I had countless ideas for columns, but I didn’t have enough time to write them all down.

Now, though, when I actually have time and want to write, none of my ideas are any good. I thought I would try to write a column about being in a bad mood, but now that I’m nearly finished my mood is changing and I’m starting to cheer up!

Can you believe my luck? That’s typical for me.

I can’t even be in a bad mood right. Maybe I’ll come up with a better column idea tomorrow.

7 thoughts on “I’m in a bad mood

  1. I had a wonderful professor in college (who was past president of the university) who always said years as “eighteen hundred and fifty” or “nineteen hundred and eighty-seven.” I always liked that. So, here’s to having a great year, with few bad moods, less sticky honey, and singular organizations in two thousand and twenty!

    I have nothing to say about the weather or sports. I don’t have time to address these topics, as I’m currently working on a patent application for a jelly/butter/honey applicator that can also be converted to a printer cartridge. It will be a historic event when this product becomes available!

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    1. Thanks! I think I will use the “and”, too. I like it more like that. Good luck with the toaster with the jelly/honey/butter applicator. I will be sure to buy one. Here’s to a great year!


  2. Wow, that’s a lot of things to be moody about.
    Maybe you should take up a hobby. Like, I don’t know…. blogging?
    That way you won’t sit around and stew on all the things that put you in a bad mood.

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  3. I wasn’t in a bad mood but I am now I’ve seen Rivergirl commenting on your blog when she used to regularly come and comment on mine but doesn’t any more.
    Mind you, I’ve probably worn my joke out by now, so maybe it’s to be expected. I don’t expect I’ll see you either now, Mr Grumpy.

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    1. Thanks! I have not been very good at reading other blogs or commenting, along with not being very good about writing. I will try to do better, too. I’m feeling much happier today. I hope things are good in your world today Bryntin!


  4. I am thinking that you are secretly a cat. Your description of your mood sounds just like one. I agree totally on the honey situation, and yes, it is a situation. Great minds need to solve it. Sports teams are a killer, I mean don’t they know how much it means to us that they win more often in big ways and the championship? Talk about selfish. Now that you are in a better mood I look forward to hearing from you, even in a bad mood you make my day.

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