Everyday words and phrases are mistaken every day

Some days I say to myself, I hope that someday I will never see anyone use any one of these compound words or phrases incorrectly anymore.

At the very least, I hope that I don’t see these mistakes any more than I already do.

Now I understand that it may be that these are everyday mistakes that people make every day, but maybe they shouldn’t be making these mistakes so often.

“You shouldn’t worry about this Nick. Just never mind,” people often say correctly because nevermind is not a word (except for as an album title). Every time, though, I can’t just let it go.

It makes me feel as frustrated and stonewalled as if I were actually running into a stone wall.

I want everyone to remember that every one of these words means different things if they are combined as one word or kept separate as two words. You can’t just automatically join them together any way that you’d like. Anyway, it might seem like a straightforward rule, but if you focus when you read and look straight forward at the articles you are viewing, you will see that people mix this up often.

The key is to remember that the rule is the same in the morning, at noon, immediately after noon or any time in the afternoon.

And any time that someone asks me to help explain this, I say that I’m happy to help anytime. Actually, any time and anytime are apparently now officially interchangeable so that’s a bad example, but I still think there are some times when you should use them differently.

It may be that nobody cares what I am saying here because I have no body of great work that I can point to in order to give me credibility. I do, though, have a roomful of silly blog posts that if printed out would make a room full.

In conclusion, I am going to try to explain this any way that I can, and I don’t care if no one or everyone cares about every one of my points.

And meanwhile, I am going to try to live my life and be nice and not mean while people continue to make these mistakes.

I understand that this all happens a lot and I can live with that, but I hope that it never happens alot, because alot is not a word, every time and everywhere that you see it.


Do you see these mistakes very often? Did I mess them up in this post? I’m sure I have mistaken them before, but I try not to anymore. If you have any more thoughts, please feel free to comment below. Thanks!

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