Top 5 Things I Hate About the New Chip Readers for Debit/Credit Cards

Over the last year or so, the credit and debit card companies have sent out replacement cards with the “amazing” new chips that were designed to work with the new card readers.

These chips were supposed to be somehow benefit us, but they just seem like a huge pain and I hate them.

Our judges have swiped at the nominations and inserted them into the proper order to provide for you here The Top 5 Things I Hate About the New Chip Readers for Credit/Debit Cards.

5. They never work the same way! – Sometimes I still have to swipe my card. Sometimes I have to insert the card and then put in my pin. Sometimes I insert my card and still sign my name. Sometimes I insert my card and don’t do anything. Sometimes I have to swipe and insert my card. Sometimes, and this is my favorite, I have to insert my card, wait 30 seconds for nothing to happen, take the card out, and then get the message to reinsert the card in order to finally get started.

4. They take longer and create more awkward moments – They don’t save any time! It was so much easier to swipe a card and then do whatever. I still have to put in my pin number half of the time, so how is it any more secure? Also, it takes forever to read the stupid chip most of the time, so you stand there waiting while the cashier looks at you like you are supposed to be doing something, and you look at the cashier wondering if the cashier is supposed to be doing something. When it finally does something, the reader still says “DO NOT REMOVE CARD!” and you stand around waiting for it to finally demand that you REMOVE CARD!

3. The chip readers move when you put the cards in – On the occasions that you use the chip reader, you often push your card in and they end up moving the whole machine so then you have an awkward moment at the checkout line where you have tipped the reader back and you still have to try to figure out how to sign it or put in your numbers, or it just doesn’t work.

2. Credit cards are evil – Anything related to a credit card can’t be good anyway. Therefore, I must hate credit card chips and chip readers. Somehow, they are costing me money.

1. The chip readers are always broken – They can’t be very old yet, but they are usually taped up or leaning over. In addition, every other time you are at the store, the chip reader is extra slow or won’t read your card and the cashier will say to you, “We’ve been having trouble with that thing all day,” or “You just need to swipe it twice. Don’t worry, I promise you it didn’t charge you the first time.” I trust the cashiers but I still always worry about if it charged me the first few times I swiped and/or inserted the card. How are these things always broken? And you just know that when they finally have all of the chip readers all working correctly in a few years, they will replace with them some new way to scan your debit/credit card that is even worse. Credit cards are evil!


11 thoughts on “Top 5 Things I Hate About the New Chip Readers for Debit/Credit Cards

  1. We finally got a chip reader at the store where I work and it works pretty well if the customers follow the directions. I will walk people through it and sometimes they just yank the card out too soon and then are angry when I have to cancel the sale and start all over. Some stores have the alert extra loud, maybe because they have a lot of registers and it’s noisy but really, it sound like an Amber alert.

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    1. That’s a good point about people not following the directions on them. I have done that before actually. I wonder why they are so loud? Thanks for the comment!


    2. I think further research is needed. Do we ignore one another or make small talk while we fumble with these machines? Do we try to avoid the impending “Remove Card Now” alert? Is anyone a sadist who leaves their card to alert more than twice? Do alerts get louder if we leave in the cards?

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      1. I am always hearing those alerts now. I have to try to make smalltalk while I stand there waiting, and I keep my hand poised to snatch the card out of the machine as soon as it says I need to REMOVE IT! Thanks!


      2. I try to talk to the customer but if it gets too involved then the machine times out and we have a much bigger problem. I constantly have to tell people to remove their card, I guess maybe if we could get the machine to spit it back at them it would be better.

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