It’s not right to not write

After two weeks without posting anything, I would like to take some responsibility and offer an explanation.

It’s not my fault.

Thank you. I felt I needed to get that off of my chest. I do have a few reasons for not posting for a while, though, along with a few thoughts on not writing.

  • I was busy during the times that I like to write. I also traveled the last three Saturdays and just could not write well enough while driving. Every time I hit return, I accidentally turned on my blinker. And, of course, since I turned on my blinker, I felt obligated to turn so that other drivers wouldn’t think I was a big liar. I then would get off of the highway and veer from the original direction I was headed in until I got lost,  which is remarkably similar to my usual writing style.
  • I was too tired. I often find that when I am tired it’s a great time to write because everything I come up with seems extra funny. Over the past few weeks, though, all of my column ideas were about topics like “How to rest,” ‘Top 5 says to relax on the sofa” and “Why can’t we have direction systems for things other than driving?” I actually like that last topic and may write about it, but it needs a much better headline, and I was too tired to figure out how to phrase it.
  • The time change threw me off. I hate the time change. I blame it for making me extra tired these past few weeks and messing with my writing. This column is already an hour early (or late, I can never keep is straight) due to the time change!
  • Most of my ideas were terrible. Now that I think about it, though, that never stopped me from writing before. I should not have let it stop me this time.

This time away from writing also gave me a few realizations I thought I would share here.

  • I hate not writing. It’s fun to come up with ideas, see if I can turn them into a (somewhat) sensible post and then see if anyone likes it. Writing makes life much more enjoyable and interesting. I miss it when I am not writing.
  • What if I miss out on a great idea I need to share with the world? It’s not fair of me not to write.
  • I miss not reading other people’s posts when I get too busy.  I am always amazed at all of the talented writers on here, some who have new blogs and some who have been here for years. I learn a lot reading their content and I appreciate the opportunity to see different writing styles.
  • My family can only listen to me talk for so long. At some point, I need to write these thoughts down and share them with a wider audience.
  • Every post doesn’t have to win an award.  This post is a great example (although you are welcome to present me with an award for this if you feel moved to do so). Sometimes, I think it’s a good idea to just write for a while and see what you come up with. Also, you never know how other people will react to your posts. They may love the items that you think aren’t your best work and  you may even give people new ideas with your writing.
  • If you enjoy it, you should keep writing. Make writing a priority in your life and carve out some times sometimes when you can put your thoughts on paper or the computer. Just don’t write while you are driving.



11 thoughts on “It’s not right to not write

  1. I hadn’t written for a couple of weeks either. I put it down to waking up on time instead of early. Some pretty odd stuff goes through your head when your only half awake and waiting for your alarm to go off. Reading my stuff, that probably explains a lot.

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  2. Ha! That’s why some of us republish our older posts (like I did this week). Sometimes circumstances, laziness or lack of ideas prevents us from writing something new, but we still want to post SOMETHING so our readers don’t forget us – which actually can happen during a two-week lapse, not to scare you or anything. As for your list of realizations, I especially agree with “Every post doesn’t have to win an award.” The majority of my posts are so-so, but people seem to like them anyway, and it makes me feel so special when someone actually takes time to read and then comment! In fact, I so agree with your post that I’m going to re-blog it (another great way to get views on days you don’t have any ideas of your own, thank you so much for that).

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    1. Thanks! And you are wise to republish older posts. I will have to think about that, too. I do worry about losing readers, but it is difficult to have time to post at times. Thanks again!

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  3. Sound reasons, all. Especially the one about your family only being able to listen to you talk for so long.
    I went past my husband’s limit years ago… hence my blog.
    It’s a win, win. I can ramble on about nothing in particular and he doesn’t have to pretend to hear me.
    Now I think about it, blogging may the main reason we’ve been married so long.

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  4. …and this is why I wake up at … 1:05 a.m. and come to my computer… I hate not writing to the extent of my subconscious won’t let me get away with it. Great blog!

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