How the Nick stole the time change

Every Who down in Whoville liked the time change a lot.
But the Nick who lived in Ohio certainly did not!

The Nick hated the time change! The whole time change season.
Now please don’t ask why! No one knows exactly the reason.

It could be perhaps, that his clocks wound too tight,
It could just be that he never adjusted them right.

But I think the most likely reason you can keep,
Is that the Nick was a person who wanted to sleep.

But whatever the reason, his clocks or his snooze,
He stood there on time change night, upset with the Whos.

For he knew every Who down in Whoville, before they set their locks,
Also went around and adjusted their clocks.

“And they’re fixing the time on their microwaves, oven and cars,” he said with a sneer.
“At 2 a.m. it will be the time change, it’s practically here!”

Then he growled, while his fingers pushed his hair into a funny part,
“I must find away to stop the time change before it can start!”
nick grinch 2Then the Nick got an idea! An awful idea!
Seriously, this actually was an awful idea.

“I know just what to do,” he said with affection,
“I’ll pretend I am there for a code inspection.”

“This is stop number one,” the grumpy Nick hissed.
As he knocked on the door, he held a pen and list.

He entered the house and saw the first clock on the wall,
“These clocks and these watches, I’m taking them all.”

Then he slithered and slunk, careful to not get a boo-boo,
And he grabbed all of the clocks, even a cuckoo.

It was a quarter of 1. All the Who’s were asleep,
So he grabbed the clocks quietly, without even a beep.

Packed up all of their Timex and Rolex, it was sickening,
He grabbed anything that could take a licking and keep on ticking.

Then raced back to his home, to the recycling and trash cans,
He prepared to sort the items into the correct containers by hand.

“Pooh-pooh to the Whoos,” he was happily saying.
“They’re finding out now that the time is not changing!”

And then he did hear, a sound in a high tone,
It confused him a first, until he noticed his phone.

But this sound wasn’t sad, and it wasn’t quiet at all,
Why this sound was joyful, loud and tall.

He hadn’t stopped the time from changing! It came!
Somehow or other, it came just the same.

And the Nick, with his hands filled with clocks,
Stood puzzling and puzzling, as if his head was made of rocks.

“It came without clocks! It came without the calculator watch!”
It came without sun dials or even a Swatch.”

He puzzled and puzzled while he sat there alone,
Then the Nick thought of something he probably should have known.

Maybe the Time Change, he thought, doesn’t come from each home,
Maybe the Time Change, perhaps, is done these days more by the internet and phone.

Maybe it’s a stupid idea with reasons that are unclear,
But at least it only happens two times a year.

And what happened then? Well in Whoville they leap,
When they tell you that the Nick right away fell asleep.

He should not have stayed up so late in the night,
Especially after stealing every clock in his sight.

But when he woke the next day he walked out to his car,
And then returned every clock and watch, near and far.

He took everything back, even the clock in the tower,
And took the time to set each ahead one hour.

Welcome Time Change. Save your daylight,
In the evenings, it will stay light.

Time Change now is in now set to begin,
Unless the government changes the time again.

Time Change will always be,
Kind of a pain for you and me.

Welcome Time Change, losing an hour of sleep is unsatisfactory,
At least it’s a good reminder to change your smoke detector battery.

8 thoughts on “How the Nick stole the time change

  1. A Seussical tale that mentions a Swatch? You’ve made my life complete! This 1980s girl (ok, old woman) LOVES LOVES LOVES this.

    I am taking Monday off to recover from the time change. Hey, at my age, everything takes a bit longer to get used to.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! I was hoping someone else would enjoy the 80s reference there, and a few others. It was fun to write, but it will not be fun to get up early on Monday. Thanks again.


  2. That’s funny and I’m impressed by your rhyming! 😃
    I wished we would at least change time at the same time. Our time changes on March 31, so until then all recurring meetings with my colleagues in the US are messed up.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! I hadn’t thought of that. That would be annoying. When I was growing up, part of the next state over never changed their time, so half of the year they would be with us, and the other half they would not, and it was only about 45 minutes away from us. It was confusing and I never quite understood it. Good luck with your meetings with people in the U.S. for the rest of the month.


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