Modern technology is amazing, wonderful, and sometimes stupid

While going through a drive-thru with my son recently, we discovered the restaurant is now encouraging customers to place their orders through the apps on their phones and then pick up their food at the drive-thru.

Now this may sound like nifty new technology, but I don’t think it would actually save you any time or make the process any easier. All you had to do before was talk into a giant menu and they got the food ready for you quickly while you waited in the drive-thru. It was simple and fast.

By ordering through the app on your phone, you have to open the app, hope your phone doesn’t freeze, scroll through to put in your order, type in words that will be autocorrected to the wrong words and then still wait in the same drive-thru line to pick up your order. How is this an improvement?

I can see how it’s helpful for ordering a pizza or something like that, but unless I am missing something I don’t see how it helps at a fast food restaurant.

Maybe they should make an app that eats the food for me, too, in order to help me save me time and calories.

Here are few other advances in recent technology that have annoyed me recently:

toilet-28967_960_7201 roll of toilet paper is now somehow equal to 6 rolls – How is this possible? Is anyone sure we want this to be the case? Why can’t I just have a traditional roll of toilet paper without having 6 packed into 1?

Amazing new phone systems that constantly require the options to change – Why do they always ask me to wait because their options have changed? Why not keep the same options for a while to make it easier for people calling in? How about giving me an option for a person?

Lug nut locks on my car tires – It’s annoying enough to have a flat tire. It’s even worse when you can’t get the tire off because you can’t find the small key hidden in that tiny bag in the trunk , so then you have to call all over and get rides from friends to different auto part shops to try to find something that will work. I speak from experience on this one. I’m glad my lug nuts are safe, but I’m honestly more worried about someone stealing my whole car.

Giant Reese’s Cups – They are like 6 Reese’s Cups in 1! I love Reese’s Cups, but it’s just too much for me.

Swiffer wet wipes that won’t stay attached to the Swiffer – I’m not sure what was wrong with the traditional mop, but apparently modern technology has bypassed it with the invention of the Swiffer. I should point out that I like the ease of cleaning with these devices when they work correctly, especially with the main Swiffers. With the Swiffer wet wipes, though, I spend more time fighting with the items than I do actually cleaning. I cannot get the Swiffer wet items to stay attached. Does anyone else use these and have the same problem? I often clean about two feet of floor before they detach and turn upside down while I swiftly get frustrated.

Complex security passwords for everything – I can’t remember them all, especially when they have to have uppercase letters, special symbols like ^ and numbers. Do you think my lug nuts will have security passwords in the future?

The Elon Musk underground tunnel system designed to solve traffic problems – How is this different than a subway?

New ice cream flavors – There are too many now and I never know what to order at a restaurant so it takes me forever. What they need is an app so I can look at the menu on my phone and then place the order before I get there.


Do any recent advances in technology frustrate you? Do you think they can ever make 1 roll of toilet paper equal to 8? If so, feel free to comment below. Thanks!

8 thoughts on “Modern technology is amazing, wonderful, and sometimes stupid

  1. Obviously you do not change the toilet paper rolls at your house. Why change a roll six times when once will do? Don’t mess with the only real helpful event in my life! The day I discovered four rolls in one.

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  2. I love it when you start ranting about things that peeve me also like the humongous toilet paper rolls that will no longer fit on my 105 year old toilet paper holder(which I think is quite quaint) in my 105 year old house(which I love living in except for the toilet paper problem). So we just unroll a portion of it till it will fit between the rod in the center and the wall.
    – I agree with you on the Swiffer….falls off every time!
    – Candy bars in general are way too big so I’ve given up even looking at them – you need a group of friends to eat one or you need to find a storage solution for something I always considered an impulse item to be purchased and eaten before you get home where everyone else will want one for themselves except now they need a friend or 6 to help them finish off these gigantic things.
    – AND…don’t get me started on the password thing. Too frustrating to remember since you really shouldn’t use the same password for any two sign-ins…. so I have to write them somewhere, just hoping whoever is going to steal my identity doesn’t know where I wrote them down. Arrrrggggg!

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    1. Thanks! I’m glad you could relate, especially with the Swiffers. I was wondering if was only me or if others had trouble keeping them on there. And with the candy bars, it seems like they only have giant size or super small size now, which makes no sense. That’s funny about having to worry about someone stealing your password paper, too. Thanks again!


  3. I have recently started using a password manager, I’m not sure how I feel about it yet and not nearly all my passwords are in there at the moment.
    I still have no idea what my WordPress password is for instance 🧐

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  4. I am suspicious of all the math that seems to be going on on the packages of toilet paper. Now, I’m in no way math-phobic. In fact, I have loved mathematics my entire life (I even hold a minor in math, although that was MANY years ago) and my checkbook always balances to the penny EVERY month. So, why is it, as I stand in the TP aisle, with the packages exclaiming 1=6! or 3=24! or some such nonsense, I suddenly feel old and irrelevant, as if common core math is an unwelcome guest in my bathroom?

    I am all for changing the toilet paper roll LESS often, but couldn’t we have a standardized number of sheets of paper in a roll? Couldn’t we have an APPLES to APPLES standard measurement? Why do I feel as if all the math on the packages is trying to convince me an apple is a round (I learned from your recent words column that round is just as good of a word for orange as orange – with the added benefit that lots of words rhyme with round).

    It’s all enough to make me reach for the drinker-dranker.

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    1. Thanks, and sorry about the delay in responding here. There is no way that 3 rolls equal 24. I just won’t believe it. I’m glad it is larger, but each roll is still just one roll. Thanks for the round and drinker-dranker, references, too! Those were perfect.


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